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Updated 11/26/2017

2017 Bishop Safari Report

July 9-13, 2017

Sunday through Thursday

The following pilots attended this event:

This list is a picture to make it harder to pfish 













$60 non-refundable deposit for slots 1-8 (Group 1)

$50 non-refundable deposit for slots 9-12 (Group 2)

Group 1 will launch daily before Group 2

Group 1 may have some sort of rotation to determine  daily launch order

Group number is assigned based on first come first served receipt of non-refundable deposit.

Send $60 and get $10 back if assigned to Group 2


Tows: Josh Knerr will be our tow pilot once again this year, which as most of you know, he and his Pawnee have always delivered great tows for our group of pilots in past safaris. 

Unless we have significant increases in fuel prices, the following rate schedule is what Josh has worked up for the tow rates:

          2000ft  -  $53.

          3000ft  -  $69

          4000ft  -  $85 


Please send your non-refundable deposit to:

          Robert Morgan

          16334 Harris Rd., Bldg. #17

          Tehachapi, CA   93561

(c) JAMIII 2017