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Soaring Safari -

Get Outta Town to Fly!

Group Goal

The Soaring Safari Group formed many years ago in order to give soaring pilots the opportunity to experience multiple Soaring sites in the Western US. Group Safaris promote camaraderie, provide help when necessary, and allow those with no crew to participate in cross country soaring away from home. Most pilots in the group are based in Southern California. The group's goal is to go to several sites per soaring season, taking a tow plane when necessary and flying intensely for about a week. Guests are welcome when space is available. Favorite locations are Bishop CA (#1!), Lone Pine CA, Tonopah NV, Inyoken CA.

Other locations we have visited are:

Twentynine Palms, CA

Parowan, UT

Warner Springs, CA

Tehachapi, CA

Hurricane, UT


2017 Soaring Safari to Bishop, California was a success on July 9-13 2017. Check out the details on the News-Info page

How Does It Work?

Soaring Safari Group members come from all walks of life but come together as friends at mutually chosen sites for our safari events. Usually one or two members will volunteer to "honcho" an event and do the groundwork to make it happen - which includes securing a towplane, letting the group know the plans and fees, and getting the signups and deposits. Yes, tow planes are not free. Usually the deposit is to cover the towplane ferry costs, and is refundable if the towplane does not make it to the event. Hotels or camping are generally used by members and are their own responsibility to arrange. Almost every evening the group gets together for dinner either by pot-luck or at a local restaurant. Good times and lots of flying happen in the Soaring Safari Group at some of the best soaring sites the West can provide!


We have found that the ideal number of sailplanes for a single tow plane is around ten (10) in order to minimize grid time for all while providing enough tows to make the trip worth it for the tow pilot. Various methodologies have been used for calculating tows and the fees for these events, and can be different for each event.


Soaring Safari group was inactive for a few years (2013-2015 or so), but some of the previous members and some new ones managed to hold a successful event at Bishop CA August 6-11, 2016 and decided to try to get the Soaring Safari Group going again. 2017 was also successful.

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